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generalised_timesteppers.h File Reference

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class  oomph::GeneralisedTimeStepper
 Generalised timestepper that can serve a variety of purposes in continuation, bifurcation detection and periodic-orbit computations. The key generalisation is that more than one of the entries is actually a degree of freedom in the problem. These are distinct from our standard (implict) Timesteppers in which the only dof is the current value (first entry in the storage scheme). These objects will typically be used to replace exisiting timesteppers for specific tasks. More...
class  oomph::ContinuationStorageScheme
 GeneralisedTimestepper used to store the arclength derivatives and pervious solutions required in continuation problems. The data is stored as auxilliary data in the (fake) TimeStepper so that spatial adaptivity will be handled automatically through our standard mechanisms. The adopted storage scheme is that the continuation derivatives will be stored at the first auxilliary value and the previous value will be the second auixilliary value. More...


namespace  oomph
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