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class  FluxPoissonProblem< ELEMENT >
 2D Poisson problem on rectangular domain, discretised with 2D QPoisson elements. Flux boundary conditions are applied along boundary 1 (the boundary where x=L). The specific type of element is specified via the template parameter. More...


namespace  TanhSolnForPoisson
 Namespace for exact solution for Poisson equation with "sharp step".


void TanhSolnForPoisson::get_exact_u (const Vector< double > &x, Vector< double > &u)
 Exact solution as a Vector. More...
void TanhSolnForPoisson::source_function (const Vector< double > &x, double &source)
 Source function required to make the solution above an exact solution. More...
void TanhSolnForPoisson::prescribed_flux_on_fixed_x_boundary (const Vector< double > &x, double &flux)
 Flux required by the exact solution on a boundary on which x is fixed. More...
int main ()
 Demonstrate how to solve 2D Poisson problem with flux boundary conditions. More...


double TanhSolnForPoisson::Alpha =1.0
 Parameter for steepness of "step". More...
double TanhSolnForPoisson::TanPhi =0.0
 Parameter for angle Phi of "step". More...

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◆ main()

int main ( )

Demonstrate how to solve 2D Poisson problem with flux boundary conditions.

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References TanhSolnForPoisson::Alpha, FluxPoissonProblem< ELEMENT >::doc_solution(), TanhSolnForPoisson::source_function(), and TanhSolnForPoisson::TanPhi.