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class  PoissonProblem< ELEMENT >
 2D Poisson problem on rectangular domain, discretised with 2D QPoisson elements. The specific type of element is specified via the template parameter. More...


namespace  TanhSolnForPoisson
 Namespace for exact solution for Poisson equation with "sharp step".


void TanhSolnForPoisson::get_exact_u (const Vector< double > &x, Vector< double > &u)
 Exact solution as a Vector. More...
void TanhSolnForPoisson::source_function (const Vector< double > &x, double &source)
 Source function required to make the solution above an exact solution. More...
int main ()
 Driver code for 2D Poisson problem. More...


double TanhSolnForPoisson::Alpha =1.0
 Parameter for steepness of "step". More...
double TanhSolnForPoisson::TanPhi =0.0
 Parameter for angle Phi of "step". More...

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