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Global_Parameters Namespace Reference

Namespace for physical parameters. More...


void gravity (const double &time, const Vector< double > &xi, Vector< double > &b)
 Non-dimensional gravity as body force. More...
bool is_on_fsi_boundary (Node *nod_pt)
 Boolean to identify if node is on fsi boundary. More...


double Re =0.0
 Reynolds number. More...
double Q =0.0
 FSI parameter. More...
double Gravity =0.0
 Non-dim gravity. More...
double Nu =0.3
 Pseudo-solid Poisson ratio. More...
ConstitutiveLaw * Constitutive_law_pt =0
 Constitutive law for the solid (and pseudo-solid) mechanics. More...

Detailed Description

Namespace for physical parameters.

Function Documentation

◆ gravity()

void Global_Parameters::gravity ( const double &  time,
const Vector< double > &  xi,
Vector< double > &  b 

Non-dimensional gravity as body force.

Definition at line 55 of file

References Gravity.

Referenced by UnstructuredFSIProblem< FLUID_ELEMENT, SOLID_ELEMENT >::UnstructuredFSIProblem().

◆ is_on_fsi_boundary()

bool Global_Parameters::is_on_fsi_boundary ( Node *  nod_pt)

Boolean to identify if node is on fsi boundary.

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Referenced by FluidTriangleMesh< ELEMENT >::FluidTriangleMesh(), and MySolidTriangleMesh< ELEMENT >::MySolidTriangleMesh().

Variable Documentation

◆ Constitutive_law_pt

ConstitutiveLaw* Global_Parameters::Constitutive_law_pt =0

Constitutive law for the solid (and pseudo-solid) mechanics.

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Referenced by main(), and UnstructuredFSIProblem< FLUID_ELEMENT, SOLID_ELEMENT >::UnstructuredFSIProblem().

◆ Gravity

double Global_Parameters::Gravity =0.0

Non-dim gravity.

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Referenced by gravity(), and main().

◆ Nu

double Global_Parameters::Nu =0.3

Pseudo-solid Poisson ratio.

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Referenced by main().

◆ Q

double Global_Parameters::Q =0.0

◆ Re

double Global_Parameters::Re =0.0