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class  oomph::Mesh
 A general mesh class. More...
class  oomph::SolidMesh
 General SolidMesh class. More...
class  oomph::Edge
 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// More...


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template<class GEOM_ELEMENT_BASE , class ELEMENT >
void oomph::MeshChecker::assert_geometric_element (const unsigned &dim, const unsigned &nnode_1d=0)
 Helper function to assert that finite element of type ELEMENT can be cast to base class of type GEOM_ELEMENT_BASE – useful to avoid confusion if a mesh that was written for a specific element type (e.g. a QElement) is used with another one (e.g. a TElement. First argument specifies the required spatial dimension of the element (i.e. the number of local coordinates). The optional second argument specifies the required nnode_1d (i.e. the number of nodes along a 1D element edge). Can be omitted if the mesh can handle any number in which case this test is skipped. More...
void oomph::ParaviewHelper::write_pvd_header (std::ofstream &pvd_file)
 Write the pvd file header. More...
void oomph::ParaviewHelper::write_pvd_information (std::ofstream &pvd_file, const std::string &output_filename, const double &time)
 Add name of output file and associated continuous time to pvd file. More...
void oomph::ParaviewHelper::write_pvd_footer (std::ofstream &pvd_file)
 Write the pvd file footer. More...
bool oomph::NodeOrdering::node_global_position_comparison (Node *nd1_pt, Node *nd2_pt)
 Function for ordering nodes. Return true if first node's position is "before" second nodes. Dimension 0 checked first, then... until they are different (by more than tol=1e-10). If they are both in exactly the same place an error is thrown. More...