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general_purpose_space_time_subsidiary_block_preconditioner.h File Reference

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class  oomph::SpaceTimeNavierStokesSubsidiaryPreconditioner
 General purpose block triangular preconditioner. By default this is Upper triangular. Also, by default SuperLUPreconditioner (or SuperLUDistPreconditioner) is used to solve the subsidiary systems, but other preconditioners can be used by setting them using passing a pointer to a function of type SubsidiaryPreconditionerFctPt to the method subsidiary_preconditioner_function_pt(). More...
class  oomph::GMRESBlockPreconditioner
 The block preconditioner form of GMRES. This version extracts the blocks from the global systems and assembles the system by concatenating all the matrices together. More...


namespace  oomph
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