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fsi_driven_cavity_mesh.template.h File Reference

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class  oomph::FSIDrivenCavityMesh< ELEMENT >
 Mesh for W. Wall's FSI driven cavity problem. The mesh is derived from the SimpleRectangularQuadMesh so it's node and element numbering scheme is the same as in that mesh. Only the boundaries are numbered differently to allow the easy identification of the "collapsible" segment. Boundary coordinates are set up for all nodes located on boundary 3 (the collapsible segment). The curvilinear ("collapsible") segment is defined by a GeomObject. More...
class  oomph::RefineableFSIDrivenCavityMesh< ELEMENT >
 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// More...
class  oomph::AlgebraicFSIDrivenCavityMesh< ELEMENT >
 / Alebraic node update version of FSIDrivenCavityMesh More...
class  oomph::RefineableAlgebraicFSIDrivenCavityMesh< ELEMENT >
 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// More...


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